Lauren's Medical Moment

Transplanting the immune system: Easier on patients than medication?

Mission control: Coming to a hospital near you?

No more pain and swelling: Preventing lymphedema

The good side of nicotine for Alzheimer's patients

Knocking out cancer in late stages

Catching the early signs of MS

Gestational diabetes is skyrocketing

Saving Oliver: Helping babies born with rare disorders

Vaping research uncovers new dangers

Liver detox: Worth it or worthless?

Cooking up careers for people with autism, disabilities

TIO: The bone-breaking tumor

'Beethoven mice' prevent deafness: Medicine's next big thing?

New medication may reverse hearing loss

Deep TMS battles medication-resistant depression

Eyelid surgery goggles speed up recovery

Knee pain relief from a woman's womb?

Hepatitis C transplants save hearts

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