Lauren's Medical Moment

Treating fibroids with heat

Monitoring high-risk pregnancies

Keep your 'move in the tube' during heart rehab

Breast cancer hormone test sees which patients will respond to treatment

Meditation: An opioid alternative

Senhance: New robotic surgery to remove colon polyps

The future is limb-itless: UCF creates bionic arms for children

PICS: Post-intensive care syndrome

Bluetooth-controlled stimulation for pain control

Breast milk to treat adult diseases?

From bodybuilders to boxers: repairing pec tears

Smart scale could alert people to balance issues, prevents falls

Living liver donation: A lifesaving move on the rise

Hyperbaric chamber reverses carbon monoxide poisoning

Acromegaly: A growing problem

Undiagnosed Diseases Network: The disease detectives

Transgender surgery for teens: Oliver's story

Drugs and driving: Effects and law enforcement testing

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