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About Us

Empowering families of children who are medically fragile - Respite for Families 

The first (and only) licensed specialty hospital in the state of Indiana dedicated exclusively to serving children who are medically fragile, our nature-inspired home provides respite for families, and so much more. A Rosie Place is a home where caring and supportive people celebrate the gift of life, embrace human diversity, and empower families.

Our services incorporate a family-centered philosophy, the hallmark of our vision, which includes an unwavering mission to embrace and empower children who are medically fragile and their families. The dedicated community of compassionate professionals and lay persons consist of caring business men and women, skilled medical professionals, parents and youth.

A Rosie Place was designed and fashioned as a safe HAVEN, a warm and welcoming "home away from home." We are a primary source in Indiana for all things medically fragile when it comes to children and caregivers. We appreciate that parents trust and identify our home as theirs, acknowledge A Rosie Place community as extended family, and recognize our services as an indispensable element of their community support system.


Specialized Care Away From Home - Restorative Interlude (Exceptional away-from-home respite care) - Accommodations for children who are medically fragile

There is no missing the fact that A Rosie Place is something unique and special; we simply think outside the box when it comes to caring for our children and their families.

Six distinct bedrooms each providing a unique nature-inspired environment. Children can stay in Desert Dreams, Sunny Meadow, Jungle Playground, Moonscape Mountain, The Harbor, or Barefoot Beach. Guests can use one of three bathrooms (the Pond, the Waterfall, and the River) which are especially equipped for a variety of abilities/needs. Children and staff gather in the common rooms: Grand Park (our living room) and Nibbling Nook (the kitchen, of course!). We eat together and play together!

H.A.V.E.N. (Here And Visible — Educational Networking) - Meetings are scheduled four times a year, typically on Saturdays, for entire families to enjoy, parents and siblings of medically fragile kids. 
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For children who are medically fragile and their families

Designed to engage and empower the community of families who care for children who are medically fragile. 

There's no other way to say it… Our HAVEN gatherings rock!

H.A.V.E.N. is a quarterly event created and hosted by A Rosie Place exclusively for families caring for medically fragile children. This gathering is a relaxed time for families to connect and enjoy one another in an accommodating environment and in community with other families sharing similar experiences and understanding. Connecting with other families experiencing similar situations has been vitally important for our families at A Rosie Place.

Although the focus of H.A.V.E.N. is for families to come together and enjoy a time of camaraderie, there is an educational component provided at each event. Special activities are planned for both the child who is medically fragile and their siblings to enjoy.

Even if families do not use other services at A Rosie Place, such as respite, all families who have a child who is medically fragile are welcome to attend.


If you are interested in joining a support group, or just have questions, let us know.

A Rosie Place is everything medically fragile. Contact us if we can be of help.

Call us for info. A Rosie Place:  (574) 235-8899

Resources - Questions?
Make A Rosie Place  your primary source for everything medically fragile.   Contact us or view our links to various resources here.

Our Staff

Caring, Skilled Nurses

A Rosie Place hires only the best pediatric nurses! Our nurses are passionate about providing quality care to the children who come to stay with us. They bring considerable experience, skill, training, and compassion to the excellent care they provide. Each nurse is knowledgeable about the individual child's routine, preferences, physical and emotional needs, and makes every effort to provide the continuity of care from home to hospital. Nurses are assisted by an excellent team of support staff.

Primary Source for Everything Medically Fragile

We love children. And we are passionate about those who are medically fragile, so we go to great lengths to serve them and their families. We want the families and caregivers to know they are not alone. A Rosie Place provides a variety of services and ways to support families of children who are medically fragile.

  • Resources
  • Events (H.A.V.E.N., other events)
  • Connecting with other families
  • Education for families
  • Education for medical professionals
  • …and finding new ways to serve everyday!