Young Notre Dame Fan was born for Notre Dame-Clemson rematch

NOTRE DAME, Ind. (WNDU) - Notre Dame fans come in all shapes in sizes, and some have been waiting a lifetime for Saturday's big matchup. It all began in 2015, the last time these two teams met.

"We were kind of joking, like, at the time such a huge game, Notre Dame versus Clemson," said Dan Repsher, a die-hard Notre Dame fan. "Two teams having really good seasons. We thought, 'Oh, no, is it going to be another Saturday watching the Irish again in the hospital?' And we did."

Jack made his grand entrance into the world just hours before Notre Dame took the field.

"This guy was born right around 4 a.m.," Repsher said. "We drove through a rainstorm to get to the hospital. I was listening to the game on the radio and sneaking some peeks of the hospital TV."

Notre Dame ultimately fell to Clemson, but Dan got quite the consolation prize. For this Irish-loving family, their fandom runs deep.

Jack wasn't the first child to disrupt Dan's beloved Irish Saturdays.

"Our daughter, Ainsley, was born on a Saturday in September when they played Michigan," Repsher said. "Notre Dame babies! Both kids were born on Notre Dame Saturdays."

"You'll hear these guys on the monitor in their bedroom humming the Alma Mater or the fight song," Repsher said. "They hear it enough that they'll sing themselves to sleep or wake up to it. Might be a bit much, but it's pretty cute."

Game days are even more special around the Repsher household, and Saturday's rematch has been long-awaited.

"It's that same kind of feeling again where the defense is playing great and the offense with Ian Book and his passing attack," Repsher remarked. "That feeling that they're going to win every week is back, so it's fun as a fan."

No matter how you become a Fighting Irish fan, one thing is certain: Notre Dame fans are fans for life, no matter the highs or the lows.

The Cotton Bowl Saturday isn't about the luck of the Irish. It's about remembering what you're playing for and who is cheering you on.