University of Florida football player stops sexual assault

In Gainesville, Florida, a man accused of sexual battery in connection with an attack behind a restaurant dumpster is in police custody -- and it's all thanks to a University of Florida linebacker.

Working security early Thursday morning, Gator linebacker Cristian Garcia and Roy Simmons spotted a couple by a dumpster.

The two bouncers say the suspect, 34-year-old Christopher Shaw, claimed the 19-year-old woman was his girlfriend.

But Garcia and Simmons realized the woman was only partially coherent and mumbling, asking for help.

The two bouncers stepped in.

"So I went back there. I grabbed the guy by the shoulder. I said, 'Get off her! Get off of her!' and he was like, 'Mind your business.' and I yanked him one more time. He got off. Then he got aggressive with me," said Garcia.

Shaw was arrested and faces several charges for sexual battery.