Triton coach recognized for making a difference in students' lives

Published: Dec. 13, 2017 at 4:47 PM EST
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Coach Ron Brown has gone above and beyond for his students since arriving at Triton High School nearly a decade ago.

Now he's being recognized as a top-5 nominee for the Rose Bowl's "Coaches Making a Difference" contest.

His kindness, loyalty and his humor are all things people say make him extraordinary. Overall, people have said it's his sense of family that makes him deserving of the nomination.

One of Brown's old students nominated him for the award. Unfortunately, he didn't win the grand prize of a trip to the Rose Bowl, but top 5 still isn't bad.

He's shown students time and time again why his name belongs among the best.

From the roar of Friday night football, to the silence of the classroom, Coach Brown always has his eyes on how his students are doing.

"He's willing- more than willing to sacrifice his time after sports and school to help you get better," Senior Vincent Helton said.

That's because he genuinely cares about every student. His peers call him a family man.

"I'm going to treat your kids like my kids," Brown said. "That's gonna be high standards, that's going to be actually looking out for their best interests."

Brown has reinforced that thought so that all of the guys on his teams think of themselves as brothers.

"We're all going to be brothers no matter what," Junior Delano Shumpert said.

His idea of family is so strong that he's truly become family for one student he took in when home life got rough.

"To this day, when he comes home from college he stays with the Browns," P.E. Teacher Gayle Perry said.

But his family really took a hit this year when 16-year-old Cameron Scarberry lost his life in a car accident.

"That's probably going to be one of those pivotal moments, you know, in my coaching career and my career as a teacher where you never want to go through it again," Brown said.

"When you go through a tragedy like that, it does bring a team closer together," P.E. Teacher Rodney Younis said. "But it makes it so much easier when your leader is- he's just a rock."

Through everything the school has been though, students and staff are proud to call him coach and family.

"Congratulations, coach," Helton said. "You deserve this more than anybody else."

"And he deserves it a lot more for everything he does," Shumpert said.

"I'm very proud of you," Perry said.

"He's earned it," Younis said.

"Just having a student, former student, select you and think that much of you, that's more important to me than tickets to the Rose Bowl," Brown said. "Even though that would have been great."

Brown is modest, so he says he's just doing his job. But if he had to offer advice to a teacher or coach, he says you just have to be yourself and stay genuine.

Even though he didn't come in first, Brown says there's a prize package on its way. He thinks it's going to be a bunch of Rose Bowl branded things. But as he said earlier, that's not the prize he really cares about getting.