Tomac, Ferrandis nab titles at RedBud National

Published: Jul. 6, 2019 at 11:10 PM EDT
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RedBud National once again brought a packed house to the track in Buchanan on Saturday.

Marvin Musquin was the early favorite after last year's win but after a first lap crash, he found himself in last place.

That crash left it open for Eli Tomac out of Colorado.

Tomac held his steady lead throughout much of the race finishing on top for Moto 1.

Jason Anderson and Cooper Webb rounded out the top three.

After the race, Musquin talked about the crash.

“It happened so fast and it went over and the bike ended up landing on me,” Musquin said. “I was stuck and I was basically waiting on someone to come in and help and get the bike off me. Obviously when you're in the moment, it felt like forever. You know you get back out there.”

Two hours later, it was Musquin taking the lead of Moto 2. His first place finish in Moto 2 helped boost him to third overall on the day.

A strong finish from Jason Anderson earned him second place overall.

Coming out on top, the pride of Cortez, Col., Eli Tomac.

“It was a good RedBud for us,” Tomac said. “I feel like the past two times have been a little funky so it's a good rebound that way. A good start and just the first moto was really feeling it. Had some better lines I feel like versus the second moto. Some of those outsides in worked for me in Moto 2 so spent some more time behind some guys, but overall a really good day for us.”

Switching gears now to the 250 class.

Right off the jump some high flying aerobatics over the infamous LaRocco’s leap.

France's Dylan Ferrandis cruised to his Moto 1 victory.

Afterwards he said he loves this track and he loves racing in the US.

America’s own RJ Hampshire and Justin Cooper finished out the top three.

There was some drama afterwards as Adam Cianciarulo was penalized and bumped from the top three.

“I understand that I need to stay on the track,” Cianciarulo said. “I don't think that I can just go where I want out there. I know it got sketchy out there a couple of times in that first lap. I'm just out there trying my best you know what I mean. I definitely am not looking to cheat or anything like that. Based on how I saw it I didn't agree. It is what it is.”

Wrapping things up for the day, Ferrandis was able to maintain his lead to secure the Moto 2 win and the overall 250 on the day.

Cianciarulo rallied from Moto 1 with a strong second place finish in Moto 2 to nab second overall on the day.

Justin Cooper wrapped up the top three for the 250 class.

After the race, Ferrandis talked about what he thought were the keys to his win.

“I said last week, I feel like I'm always up for the body and the bike, it’s more easy for me,” Ferrandis said. “I don't know I just feel good today. My bike was very good. We took time to get back to the good feeling…and now I get it. Feel really good on the bike. We find a good set up. I just feel like myself."

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