St. Joseph continues "Ring the Bell" tradition

ST> JOSEPH, Mich. (WNDU) - Today Michigan high school football practices were back in action.

St. Joseph High school had to practice inside for the first day of camp but a change in practice plans didn't result in a change of tradition.

After every victory at home or on the road, the Bears ring what they call the Victory Bell. This is the 15th straight year St. Joseph High School has used the victory bell and it doesn't just apply to football. It applies to having life victories as well.

The Bears hope they'll hear that ring quite often this season.

“It symbolizes doing everything as best you can,” head coach Gandalf Church said. “Doing everything right. Winning moments. Individual moments throughout the day, throughout the practice. So ring the bell is our mantra. We are always trying to ring the bell.”

“Ring the Bell means go hard in everything you do,” senior corner back Arthur Herndon III said. “Every time you make a good play, ring the bell. If a teammate makes a good play, ring the bell. Try hard in everything that you do.”

“We want to ring the bell on the field but we also want to ring the bell off the field,” senior corner back Devon Frenchko said. “Like have good deeds throughout the day and stuff. Anytime you can ring the bell, you want to ring it. Just being a good person.”