St. Joseph excited for 'second chance' against Mishawaka

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - This week is the sectional championships for schools in Indiana, and NewsCenter 16's spotlight game of the week is the matchup between the St. Joseph Indians and the Mishawaka Cavemen.

The two schools squared off earlier in the year, but the Cavemen came out victorious 26-24 after the Indians missed what would have been the game-winning field goal with one minute remaining. St. Joe hopes that this time around, they can come out on top.

"It shows us what we can improve for this game," Indians senior wide receiver Conor Ratigan said. "It's nice to play the same team, because we know what we did wrong the first time but they also know what they did wrong the first game, so both teams will make adjustments and we just hope our adjustments are better."

"Our kids know that we can compete with them," Indians head coach Bryon Whitten said. "We had lined up for a field goal in an opportunity to win. Unfortunately, it didn't come our way last time. It's a great lesson in life that some things don't go your way. Also, sometimes you get second chances. This is a second chance for our kids, and the opportunity is out in front of us and we have to make sure we take advantage of every opportunity we have."

We will see if the Indians will take advantage of that second chance on Friday night.

With a sectional title on the line, a win would be that much sweeter for St. Joe High.