SB Cub Peyton Remy keeps his inspirations close

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - The baseball cap is a staple for any baseball player experiencing all of the highs and lows of everyday play.

For South Bend Cubs pitcher Peyton Remy, his inspiration is always with him, tucked inside of the brim.

First, the initials J.R. after a high school teacher.

“He was in charge of student council and all of that stuff,” Remy said. “He just created a culture at our high school, and then he passed away with pancreatic cancer just four months after his first son was born. He was just a great man.”

Then, the number 56 to honor a friend’s older brother who died by suicide. Remy remembers Dominick Doyle as the fun-loving guy who was always there for you.

His friend does not know that he honors his brother every single game.

“I look down at the 56 in my hat, and it just reminds me to still be a good guy and just help others and play how he would want me to play,” Remy said.

And finally, an ode to his junior college, Central Arizona.

“DB-9 stands for dirt bags for nine innings, so that’s just a constant reminder for me to play hard no matter what and to give it my all,” Remy said.

Those three inspirations have helped Remy through his first full season in the minor leagues.

“He’s on the upswing now and he’s done a solid job with us,” South Bend Cubs manager Buddy Bailey said.

Bailey has used Remy in pretty much every situation this season.

“He was part of the no hitter, doing different roles, setup, close, start,” Bailey said. “So you know that’s a solid guy not only for this team, but for the organization when you have guys that can do different things and they can do it with a quality level.”

Remy has started eight games and came in as relief for another 11, recording two saves and boasting an ERA just over three.

“I just stay ready,” Remy said. “It’s pretty simple to say. If I see my name on there, if I’m in the bullpen in the third inning, I’m doing stretches, getting my body lose, to get ready. I never want to be not prepared. So I’ll do everything in my power to get prepared because that’s one of the things that I can control is my preparations.”

Remy says he plans to keep the three tributes inside of his cap for his entire career.

“If I feel like you know, I’m not having the best day out there on the mound, I’ll remember to keep fighting like Jason Ritter did,” Remy said. “If I’m having a bad day or whatever I’ll look at my hat and see the 56 and just remember to be happy and positive, to spread positivity like Dominick did. “If it’s a tough day and I don’t have my best stuff out on the mound, I’ll see the DB-9 and just remember to play hard and give it my all.”

He soon will be adding another set of initials to his hat….his son’s.

Remy and his girlfriend are expecting their first son in early September and he just wants to make his son proud.

“I mean you’re playing baseball, best game in the world, I believe,” Remy said. “People would do just about anything. Some people would do just about anything to do what I’m doing. To do what all of us are doing out here. I just want him to know that I gave it my all in everything I did.”

Remy makes his next start tonight against Western Michigan.