RedBud aims for national motocross racing to take place at end of the summer

Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 3:23 PM EDT
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Racing fans might not be able to scream, "REDBUUUUUUUD," on the 4th of July, but they should be able to shout it to the heavens really soon.

"We were optimistic that surely this would be over by July 4th," RedBud co-owner Amy Ritchie said. "Soon, it became apparent that wouldn’t be the case."

RedBud motocross national won’t take place on 4th of July weekend this year, but Ritchie is doing all she can to make sure the pro race still happens.

"This should be our 47th year or pro racing, and to not get that year in would just be devastating," Ritchie said. "That’s been our main goal. It’s always been our main goal. We’ve got everything ready. We just need to go."

RedBud has a plan in place following all of the CDC guidelines to have the national race at the end of the summer. No date is set yet. Right now, the goal is to get racing back while keeping everyone safe.

"When we get to the national, we are not going to be able to have autograph sessions," Ritchie said. "We’re not going to do things like the podium celebration: things that are going to gather a bunch of people together. We can do lots of things to make sure people have a lot of room to spread out. We’ll do all of those things. Obviously, the industry is taking it seriously so they have a pretty good track record so far."

Despite the restrictions, Ritchie expects a good showing from the RedBud faithful. With less than 40 ticket refund requests, she thinks the crowd could still be at 80% capacity.

"I think it’ll be a good crowd," Ritchie said. "Our people are just ready to go."

And Ritchie can’t wait to have her people back at the track for some good old-fashioned RedBud racing.

"It will probably not be a five-day event because it won’t be a holiday but we are going to make the most of whatever we can do," Ritchie said. "We’re going to have fireworks whatever day it is. We’re going to pretend it’s July 4th."

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