Prentiss Hubb steps up to the challenge

Published: Feb. 6, 2020 at 8:46 PM EST
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All season, Notre Dame men's basketball head coach Mike Brey has said he needs his trio of sophomores to step up. Guard Prentiss Hubb has certainly stepped up to the challenge.

Hubb is averaging 12 points a game, but he's also running the floor, leading the team in assists.

Brey says that on some plays, Hubb calls him off, saying he's got it handled.

During Wednesday night's game against Pitt, Brey had an unusual technique to light a spark within his guard.

"Grabbed him by the shoulders and I got in his face and I said, 'Airball, airball, airball,' because that's what they said to him in Atlanta," Brey said. "And he went on like a personal 10-0 Michael Jordan run. Of course, he's laughing like, 'Oh, OK, coach I get it, I get it,' But he's my guy, man. He runs this thing and he's a confident guy. We've seen the swagger on the road in tough atmospheres, but tonight the shot at halftime was a big one. He's a tough kid. I'm excited he's got some more eligibility after this year. He's got a chance to be one of the best guards in the league next year."

Brey joked that Hubb is his Patrick Mahomes, meaning he's in total control of the game.

Notre Dame men's basketball now begins a three-game road stretch starting at Clemson on Sunday.

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