PART 4: Niele Ivey shares final messages to Irish nation before she leaves for Memphis

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Tonight, we wrap up our exclusive interview with former Notre Dame women's basketball associate head coach Niele Ivey before she leaves for his new assistant coaching job with the Memphis Grizzlies.

16 New Now's Megan Smedley has her final message to Fighting Irish nation.

You can watch the interview in the video above.

Q: What would your final message be to this Fighting Irish nation that it's been your support system for so many years,

A: I just wanted them to know that I have no other place in anywhere that I've been has been impacted me more than Notre Dame. Muffet McGraw, I haven’t been impacted by anyone outside of my mother, That's had the tremendous amount of, you know, impact that
she's had in my life. And I just love Notre Dame, I love our fans, I love our program and the girls, and I want to say thank you, to them for just embracing me as a player embracing me as a coach, as a mother, I feel like my son has grown up in this family, I'm forever Irish,
I will always be Irish. And you know, I love this place more than life itself. And so I'm just grateful for the relationships that I've built here. I'm grateful for the support that the Irish family has given me, and I'm excited for the future for them. And I mean, I'm always going
to be supporter and always be connected with Notre Dame and muffet. And I'm just excited for the future. And excited to, you know, for this challenge, but I'm really appreciative for my family, my Notre Dame family that has been behind my behind me the entire way

Q: To your new family, the Memphis Grizzlies, What do you want their fan base their support staff to know about you as a coach and who are you walking into the doors there?

A: Right? I want them to know that I'm passionate, I'm competitive. You know, I know how to win. And I've been around a winning culture. And I hope to share what I've learned here as a player and as coach. And I just want to be a part of, you know, the energy in the city. I love basketball. I love everything that Taylor Jenkins and organization stands for. And I'm just excited to work. And I'm excited to meet everybody. And just to get the organization get there. And just to meet everyone. And I'm excited just to see the fan base and just to get after it.