PART 2: Niele Ivey sits down with 16 News Now to talk how she hopes to make women proud

SOUTH BEND, Ind. We continue with our exclusive interview with Notre Dame women's basketball associate head coach Niele Ivey as she begins her new job with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Ivey tells our Megan Smedley that it all began with an email from Grizzlies GM Zach Kleiman and now she wants to continue to make women of all ages proud with her historic new position.

You can watch the interview in the video above.

Q: By joining the Memphis Grizzlies, you're the first female coach at that organization. You’re going to be the ninth active female coach, how excited and honored are you to be joining that select group of, groundbreaking women.

A: I'm so honored. The magnitude of this my position. I know how inspiring that is. I've already been reached out to by so many women, young girls, You know, my players, everyone that is just
looking up to me and saying like “you You are my inspiration.” And so to be in that role, I'm embracing it. I know it's big. And I hope to make everybody proud. But I hope to just continue to grow. And hopefully I can make an impact in the NBA as well.

Q: How do you think your coaching style is going to change from collegiate level to NBA
professional level?

A: Yeah, I'm going to reach out to a lot of my resources actually, I've been reached out to by Nancy Lieberman. You know, so many, like Becky Hammon, Lindsey Gottlieb, some, some of the women that are ended up in the NBA. And so that's really helped out a lot. Um, it's
just as far, it's just picking their brain just I'm going to try to study as much as I can, I'm just going to try to be a sponge, just like I was my first year at Notre Dame, it's just kind of sitting back and trying to see, you know, the organization, the offense that Taylor Jenkins
puts in and seeing the guys making those relationships and just start from scratch that way. But I know the tools that I've learned here is going to help and I'm just going to implement those when the time is needed. And just learn as much as I can, as I go.

Q: What would your advice be to other female coaches across the country at all different levels?

A: Yeah, I just think that your work ethic just continue to work hard. So I think I'm in this position just for my work ethic. You know, it's a dream big, I didn't realize that note, or the NBA could be a dream of mine. But it turned out to be just an you know, never sell yourself. never sell yourself short. But I think your work ethic, your values, you know, being
a being a person of integrity, I think all those intangibles matter, Outside of, you know, just your expertise in this field. But that will kit will carry you and you know, just make sure that your dreams are big, so you can attain those dreams and goals and set goals for yourself.