Notre Dame strives for excellence not perfection

Every single year, Brian Kelly's goal is to win Notre Dame football it's first national championship since 1988.

At this point, that isn't a possibility after two losses to Georgia and Michigan. But Kelly says that doesn't mean the Irish still have a lot to play for.

After the Boston College win last Saturday, Brian Kelly gathered his team together and told them, "failure isn't fatal."
Now after the bad loss at Michigan, the Irish could have thrown in the towel on the season but they didn't. The Irish have won four straight ball games.

Kelly says they've been focused on the task at hand and have played to the Notre Dame standard every week.

While winning the national championship can't happen this season. Kelly says they can still strive for excellence week in and week out.

"Outwardly, graduating champions outwardly is a degree and a ring. Inwardly, it means so much more," Kelly said. "And you can continue to work on that every single day sometimes our guys think perfection is what we're after. And we're not. We're after excellence. And so we just try to keep it real as it relates to, in life, there isn't perfection. You strive for perfection. Never really getting there. And there's always going to be failures. It's how you deal with them. And so it's real talk. It's about how we handle those things and grow from them."

Kelly hopes his football team can continue to grow tomorrow against Stanford.

Kickoff in Notre Dame's final game of the regular season starts at 4 PM on FOX.