Notre Dame men's soccer falls to Michigan on penalty kick

NOTRE DAME, Ind. (WNDU) - Notre Dame Men's Soccer was back in action Tues. night taking on Michigan.

Scoreless heading into the final minutes of the game, after a foul on Felicien Dumas, the Wolverines had the chance to take the lead in the 89th minute.

Nebojsa Popovic lined up for the penalty kick and fired it past Duncan Turnball for the goal.

Wolverines on top 1-0.

In the final minute of the game. Notre Dame looked to send it to OT, Patrick Coleman’s shot goes off the hand of a defender, but the refs don't see it that way.

The Irish couldn’t believe there's no call. Philip Quinton was ejected and the Irish ultimately fell 1-0.

After the game, head coach Chad Riley was frustrated with the calls.

“Right now I think we just have to deal with it,” Riley said. “I think I don't want to without looking at video really want to criticize anything. But we thought were hard done by the penalty they got and then we thought they missed one there for us and so it's a tough way to end a game. Trying to think right now we just have to deal with it. I thought for the most part in the second half we controlled most of it. We had a couple of moments where they broke through and got some good shots from distance and we went to sleep on one set piece. I thought we were decent. We created some great chances that they're keeper made some great saves on, but you’ve got to score on those because otherwise what happened can happen.”

Notre Dame heads on the road this weekend to take on Wake Forest.

Their final game at home is on Nov. 1 against Pittsburgh.