Niles football wants to see positive leadership in 2019

NILES, Mich. (WNDU) - We continue our coverage of local high school football teams preparing for the upcoming 2019 regular season.

Next up are the Niles Vikings.

The Vikings are coming off a 3-6 season as head coach Joe Sassano enter his fourth season leading the team.

This year, Sassano wants to see strong leadership and his seniors are more than willing to step up.

“Well, I gotta tell ya, I think they have been stepping up as leaders now that they've been with us going in to year four,” Sassano said. “This is the first class from start to finish that we'll have coached with me and some of my assistants that came in at the same time that I did. I think they're starting to kind of learn our personalities and our expectations and what our culture looks like here and they've responded very well.”

“Just kind of positivity, just including everyone even at the lunches, just all the little stuff that brings you together really.,” senior quarterback Brayden Lake said.

“Just got to keep up the positivity,” senior right tackle Nolan Garrard said. “If they mess up a drill, I mean I've been there in my spot freshmen year. You always got to keep them up and encourage them so they can get at it next time with 100%.”

Niles kicks off their season Aug. 29 at Lakeview.