New Prairie QB Chase Ketterer grateful for opportunity to walk-on at Notre Dame

Published: Apr. 28, 2020 at 2:40 PM EDT
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In the fall, the Fighting Irish will have five football players on the field from high schools across Michiana, and one local senior is itching to get on campus.

"Notre Dame is kind of the team around here," Chase Ketterer said. "Everybody loves Notre Dame."

It's safe to say, New Prairie Quarterback Chase Ketterer is fired up to be a preferred walk on for the Notre Dame football team.

"Just the amount of 'congratulations' and the amount of 'that's awesome's' I've got from people in the community and people from my school, it just shows geez, this is really happening," Ketterer said.

It's also happening because of the special senior season Ketterer had in 2019. He finished second in the Hoosier state with almost 2,500 rushing yards. Coming up in 2020, he will be wearing the blue and gold.

"With how good of a school it is and how good of a football program it is, it being so close to home," Ketterer said. "I've been watching them as I've grown up so all those decisions together helped me make my decision."

Ketterer also got some advice from fellow walk-on Conor Ratigan, a St. Joe grad, That made the decision really easy.

"He kinda just let me know it's definitely worth it," Ketterer said. "It's something you'll never regret in your life. Being at Notre Dame is unmatched."

Ketterer is so glad the recruiting process is now over so he can focus on the next chapter.

"It was a relief for sure, definitely making the decision and not having to worry about where I'm going to go next," Ketterer said. "Now that I know, I can do things that will improve my game for once I get to there."

Who knows, maybe Ketterer will be the next great walk-on at Notre Dame like Joe Schmidt or Chris Finke.

"Just work my hardest, never stop trying to be better," Ketterer said. "Once I get there, just show them what I got, keep improving and just look forward to improving myself everyday."

Not only will Ketterer be the fifth local high school football player for the Irish in the fall, but he will be the first New Prairie Cougar to ever suit up for the Blue and Gold.