Mike Brey in favor of student athletes benefiting from their own likeness

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Whether or not student athletes should be paid has been a debate in the sports world for some time now.

Notre Dame men's head basketball coach Mike Brey says he knew this day would come. It was inevitable.

Brey says he doesn't know how this will effect him in recruiting because he's never dealt with anything like this before. However, a few weeks ago, Brey said he's glad this is happening and that student athletes will soon reap the benefits of their own likeness.

"I think it's fair to be able to do some things," Brey said. "Again, normal students can. We've got normal students over there that have created a business. Our guys should be able to do some stuff. Just getting our arms around it is going to be a battle. I wonder if we can do it without congressional involvement. That will be the crossroads."