Michaela Mabrey hopes to continue to learn from Muffet McGraw

SOUTTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - On Tuesday, Muffet McGraw added former Notre Dame women basketball captain and point guard Michaela Mabrey to her coaching staff.

Mabrey said she never even knew she wanted to be a coach until McGraw brought the idea up to her a few years back.

Mabrey then went on to be the coordinator of program and player development at the University of Miami at Ohio and just last season she served as the Director of Recruiting at LSU.

Mabrey says this start to her coaching career wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for Muffet McGraw. Mabrey appreciates the lessons McGraw has taught her and hopes to keep learning from her expertise.

"Just to be a strong woman," Mabrey said. "You could tell from her final four speech last year that she is a strong woman herself and that's what she portrays for us. She is always going to give us a stand to platform whatever we want to talk about. I mean, there's a million things but I think that's the strongest lesson she has taught me. She has taught me more off the court than on the court, honestly. The lessons in itself that she teaches us are just ones you don't realize until you're out. She's incredible and I wouldn't be anywhere without her."

Mabrey said it really is a dream come true to play for Muffet McGraw.