Live from media day: Alex Wilcox goes 1-on-1 with Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence

DALLAS (WNDU) - Thursday was media day for the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, a chance for players and coaches to discuss how their teams are progressing before Saturday's matchup between Notre Dame and Clemson.

Media day provided an opportunity for NewsCenter 16's own Alex Wilcox to meet one-on-one with several Notre Dame and Clemson players.

One of those he spoke with was Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Alex: Trevor, a year ago you’re a senior in high school, and now you’re starting in the Cotton Bowl. Has this just been a surreal year for you?

Lawrence: It’s been surreal and it’s been a whirlwind. Everything has happened so fast and kind of just looking back like, where did the time go? But it’s awesome, I’ve been blessed beyond measure to be at this point and be in this situation.

Alex: When you committed to Clemson and arrived as a freshman just a couple months ago, did you think that you would be in a situation like this?

Lawrence: I dreamed about it and it was one of my goals, just getting here in January and being able to work with my team. Since then, after the Alabama loss, it’s been cool since I got to come in early and be here from the start. I’ve gotten to see how everyone’s grown, including myself, and that’s been really cool.

Alex: You and Ian Book both came in mid-season and the offenses roared to life. Do you feel a connection or understand the path both of you have taken?

Lawrence: I definitely understand the path, for sure. I don’t know him, we haven’t talked before, maybe after this game we’ll catch up, but he’s a really good player, and we both have a similar path and things have gone down the same way, so we definitely share that, for sure.

Alex: What kind of challenge will the Notre Dame defense pose for you guys?

Lawrence: Like I said, all these guys, all these teams are great teams that are in the final four. They’re a really good defense, they’re really well-coached. They’ve got a good D-Line, good linebackers, good secondary; they don’t have any weak links, really. Every game is going to be a challenge, but we’re ready, too. We’ve got good players, too, so we’re excited for it.

Alex: I have to ask you about Clemson defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence. What’s your reaction to the news that he failed a drug test?

Lawrence: I feel for the guy. I know all three of those guys. I feel for Dex, but I feel for the other two guys, too. It’s tough for everyone in that situation, but I know those guys wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize this team or themselves. Hopefully, it’ll get cleared up, but we've got to be ready to play, we have to get the next guy ready. We have good depth and good players, so we’ll be ready.