Lauren Sandor sets softball records at St. Joe

Published: May. 8, 2020 at 3:04 PM EDT
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St. Joe softball senior Lauren Sandor called her shot back in 2013 on the Eastside all-star team.

"We're going to go big and make it far," Sandor said back in 2013.

Seven year later, Sandor has made it big and gone very far. She has a scholarship to play softball at the College of Charleston.

"I'm very excited," Sandor said. "Ever since I committed that's all I l think about. Just being able to step on the campus as a student one day, that's going to be the greatest feeling."

Charleston is getting one amazing pitcher. Sandor holds the record at St. Joe with 669 strikeouts, which is also good for second in Indiana high school softball history.

"It's a huge accomplishment for me," Sandor said. "It wasn't my mindset at all going into high school like oh I want to break all these records but I'm proud that I did that."

Sandor is a monster in the circle because she is always in the zone.

"I block everything out," Sandor said. "I really don't hear anything. It's kind of funny. Anybody could be screaming at me and I won't hear anything."

One thing that was hard to hear for Sandor, was that her senior season was cancelled. She really thought the Indians had the chance to compete for a state championship.

"We practiced all through the fall and the winter," Sandor said. "Our chemistry was through the roof. We were super close. I knew we had a good chance."

While Sandor won't get that chance to go out on top, she'll always love being an Indian.

"Just being able to wear that jersey meant a lot," Sandor said.