Knights head coach Greg Herenda takes blame for loss after forgetting cash at the grotto

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - On Tuesday night, the Notre Dame men's basketball team won it's sixth game in a row with the 91-66 victory over Fairleigh Dickinson.

It was a game the Irish dominated from start to finish. The Knights didn't make their first bucket until the 10 minute mark in the first half.

It might have been good defense on the Domers part but Fairleigh Dickinson head coach Greg Herenda takes total blame for the Knights loss last night.

"I must admit, last night I went to the Grotto and I made a major mistake," Herenda said. "I went without cash. Before the game, I gave Mike three dollars and said Mike, I lit a candle, put the three dollars in the grotto for me. We were 0/18 to start and the cost of three dollars had something to do with it. It was my fault but I have so much respect for Notre Dame, the legacy, and the academic institution and the basketball program."

It's safe to say next time Herenda is in South Bend, he'll bring some cash when he comes to the Grotto.

As for Notre Dame, they don't play until December 4th when they face Maryland.