Kelly says weather and scoring first play into electing to receive kickoffs

Published: Nov. 4, 2019 at 10:44 PM EST
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Every football game starts the same way, with the captains from both teams lined up at midfield for the coin toss.

After the coin flip this season, the Notre Dame football team had seven opportunities in the eight games to decide whether or not they want to kick or receive.

Of those seven opportunities when the Irish had the option, they've elected to receive six times, including in big games against Georgia and Michigan. Believe it or not, Kelly says a lot goes into that decision.

"There is a lot of different factors," Kelly said. "Weather in the second half. You know, making the decision if you have the ball, now they're going to take the ball in the second half; you get the wind. Weather has a lot to do with it. Then percentage of scoring first has a high analytical number for the winning team. So, those factors play into making that decision."

The only game Kelly did not elect to receive the ball this season was the home game against Virginia.

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