Kelly says having fall camp off-site brings team closer together

CULVER, Ind. (WNDU) - Notre Dame football is back. Yesterday the Irish held their first practice of fall camp as they start their preparations for Louisville on September 2nd.

For the sixth straight season, Brian Kelly and the Fighting Irish have started practice about an hour down the road at Culver Academy.

The Fighting Irish just wrapped up practice number two down at Culver and will be there through Thursday.

Kelly says it's important to start practice down at Camp Culver rather than on campus for a variety of reasons. He thinks in the long run, starting practice off-site eliminates distractions and will help Notre Dame become a better football team.

"One of the components of having a good football team is obviously having a team that likes each other, right," Kelly said. "[One that] cares about each other and will go to bat for each other in tough times so that ability to be together off-site, house together, dorm together, it's all football. It's all about building relationships with your teammates and so when you do these kinds of off-site camps, it allows that to really grow. It's an important component of putting together a football team."

Just 28 days until the Fighting Irish open up their season on the road in Louisville.