Kelly hopes to ends senior class' tenure with a win against Iowa State

ORLANDO (WNDU) - On Thursday, Notre Dame held its final practice of the season, and for the seniors it was their final practice leading up to their last game ever in a blue and gold uniform.

Brian Kelly believes this senior class has been pretty special under the shadow of the Golden Dome.

After an underwhelming freshman campaign in 2016 where Notre Dame finished 4-8, the Irish were able to hit double digit wins in each of the last three seasons. That hasn’t been done since the Lou Holtz Era.

Kelly says the leadership of this class is what really stands out. He says they’ve been a great example to show what it means to play to the Notre Dame Standard, and Kelly wants to soak in his final days coaching them.

"They’ve done an incredible job," Kelly said. "Their preparation in terms of week-to-week, 365 days of the year, I mean in terms on January, February, March, spring ball, the summer, all of those things combined, we see those things much more than you guys do in the season. Just the way they’ve handled themselves throughout the entire calendar year and preparing and representing Notre Dame both on and off the field, it’s been fun as football coach just to be around these guys. So we want to take advantage of the next few days because they won’t with us anymore. We want to be able to enjoy it. The best way to enjoy it is to win a football game."

The seniors final game of the season will be on Saturday against Iowa State... be on the look out for senior wide receiver Chase Claypool on Saturday... he is three touchdown receptions away from 15 TD catches this season...which will tie the Notre Dame record.