Kelly Cares Foundation holds annual golf outing

Published: Jun. 12, 2017 at 5:19 PM EDT
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Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly and his wife Paqui each hit the links on Monday at the Kelly Cares Golf Outing at Lost Dunes in Bridgman.

But make no mistakes--there are no bets made between the first family of Notre Dame football when it comes to golf.

"If I want a good evening---I know how I bet and I know how this is going to end," Coach Kelly said with a smile. "My days are hard enough. I don't need a difficult evening. I figured this out a long time ago."

"He usually gives me the strokes I ask for," added Paqui.

The golf outing is an annual event for the Kelly Cares Foundation, which raises money and awareness for various causes, including areas such as health and education.

"Everybody has somebody that has been touched by---in this particular case--cancer," Coach Kelly said, referring to his wife being a 2-time survivor. "That's something that you always can be growing and help people with."

"Hopefully in my lifetime, breast cancer will be done and solved but there will be something else taking it's place," Paqui added. "There are people in need and that's what we do--raise money and awareness to help people."

Paqui sees the difference the foundation is making since the Kelly's arrived in town in 2010, especially when it pertains to the Paqui and Brian Kelly Breast Center at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center.

"A lot of people come up to me if they recognize me and say listen that's a really special place," Paqui explained. "They feel comfortable there and that's what that is about--that early detection saved my life."

The golf outing began as a fundraiser for the Lou Holtz and Ara Parseghian Foundations.

"This is still about Ara and Lou and where this really began for us," Coach Kelly explained. "They embraced our foundation and got it going from a Notre Dame perspective."

And that's why Kelly Cares presented a check to both Lou and Ara's foundations for $10,000 each.

Monday's outing is part of a big week of activities from Irish Invasion on Saturday to charity softball Sunday to Football 101 on Tuesday.

"It's been exciting that you get a chance to spend time with your players and then you get closer as a team when you do things like this," Coach Kelly said. "There are a lot of things you can talk about from a technical standpoint but when you can get your team closer, and spend more time with them, that's a good week."

And now a few months removed from spring practice and a few months away from the start of fall camp, Coach Kelly feels he's getting closer to his revamped coaching staff as well.

"Mike Elston has been with me a long time," Kelly began saying. "Todd Lyght--I have a really great working relationship. I feel really good with Mike Elko. We've connected very well. I've spent a lot of time with Mike. Offensively, eventually I'm going to spend a lot of time there. I think that's where I will spend more time as we move along and it all comes together."