Josh Priebe feels like he got a jump start as early enrollee at Northwestern

Published: May. 7, 2020 at 2:09 PM EDT
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Former Edwardsburg offensive lineman Josh Priebe could not wait to get to college.

"The night before our first workout we got to go into the facility, and that was kinda like where it was like, 'Holy crap, I'm about to go have my first Division-1 workout," Priebe said.

Priebe already started his next chapter as a Northwestern Wildcat. He enrolled early at Northwestern and after eight spring practices, he was back home in Edwardsburg because of COVID-19.

"I was finally starting to get adjusted to college life and Division-1 football and now it's like, okay you are going back home," Priebe said. "It kinda feels like you're in high school again."

Priebe enrolled early in Evanston to get a jump start at college football. Despite being back home, he feels like he got an edge.

"Like being there for two months already, I felt like I had quite a bit of an advantage," Priebe said. "Even with meetings right now, it's pretty much the same as when I was at school. I still feel like I'm learning a lot football wise. I still feel like I'm learning a lot here and getting in better condition still at home."

Priebe feels like Evanston is his home away from home and is glad he is a Northwestern Wildcat.

"Now that I've been there, they've been some of my best buddies," Priebe said. "It's just a brotherhood in that o-line room. I love it there. All the guys there I've grown closer with."

He loves it there, but Priebe loves how the Edwardsburg community set him up for the next level.

"Edwardsburg has meant so much," Priebe said. "Growing up, playing football for all these years starting with the rocket program, I just have so many close friends and family around here and can't wait to see them again."

Do you know who Priebe has been able to see? Future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. Coach Pat Fitzgerald gets celebrity guest to join their team zoom calls every week. You can see why Priebe loves college life.