Jaden Miller worked non-stop during four years at NorthWood

Published: May. 19, 2020 at 2:27 PM EDT
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NorthWood High School senior Jaden Miller loved being a Panther.

"At NorthWood they are right there with you," Miller said. "They are going to help you grow up. They are going to help you what you are going through."

Miller says he grew immensely as both a person and a student athlete at NorthWood.

"At NorthWood we don’t only focus on creating great athletes but the biggest thing is create great people," Miller said. "We believe without having a great personality and good morals, the athletic part isn't going to come. Its really helped me through life."

Miller worked non-stop for the Panthers.

"Once one season was over, I was ready to get into another one," Miller said. "I didn’t really want to take a break."

He was a three-sport athlete, playing football, wrestling and, his favorite, baseball, making varsity in all three as a sophomore.

"You definitely don’t get any time off but that’s the one thing you have to love about it," Miller said. "You’re always doing something. You are always focused on something. I feel like that constant doing something helps you become a better athlete overall."

And Miller learned something unique from all three sports.

"I think the biggest thing from football, we constantly preached how to play and overcome adversity," Miller said. "I think the big thing in wrestling was how to be a tough person. And then baseball was definitely learning how to fail. Learning how to fail and use that failure to your success."

Miller certainly saw that success on the diamond and was rewarded for it. He’ll play college baseball at Danville Community College and will always try and make the NorthWood community proud.

"It was a dream come true," Miller said. "I can’t thank anyone enough for all the things the surrounding people have done in my life to help me get there. It just means the world to me."