Irish starting to show right mindset ahead of Camping World Bowl

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 2:54 PM EST
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Notre Dame is currently on a five-game winning streak and would like to end the season with six wins in a row. But in the way is a tough Iowa State team.

They certainly will have the help from Fighting Irish faithful, as hundreds gathered in Orlando for the Notre Dame pep rally before Saturday's game.

Earlier in the week, Brian Kelly said the team wasn’t as focused as he would like but said that is what comes with being in Orlando, with Universal and Disney in the backyard.

However, Kelly says the Domers have started to get into that game mode mentality and says they need to if they want to beat Iowa State on Saturday.

"You have to flip that switch and get into a competitive mindset," Kelly said. "So, our guys have quieted down. They're much more present in the moment as they get ready to play a great opponent in Iowa State. So, you could see that as they're walking around the hotel. There's much more of a purposefulness in terms of how they're handling themselves. They've got their AirPods or their iPhones or they've got a sense that we're getting close to kickoff and you've got to get into the right mindset."

Kelly hopes they can get into that right mindset Saturday.

Kelly is currently 4-4 in bowl games leading the Irish and hopes they bring home another win Saturday to start off 2020 with some momentum.

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