Irish seniors reflect on 2019 campaign

Published: Dec. 31, 2019 at 8:49 PM EST
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There is less than an hour until the New Year and for many of the Irish, 2019 marks the final time they will suit up for the Blue and Gold.

For the group of seniors, they couldn't have had a more of a rough start to their college career finishing the 2016 season with a record of 4-8.

But over the last three years, the seniors have amassed a record of 33-6 with two Bowl wins.

Head Coach Brian Kelly said the seniors are leaving a lasting legacy that will help the program thrive in the future.

For the players, they soaked in every moment.

“I would say just the fun that we had throughout the week” defensive end Khalid Kareem said. “Practice was a little tough. I will say that. Just the fun and the relationships that we made. Going to Universal Studios, having fun with the guys. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about. I haven't had fun like this sense high school. This is just what it felt like going out there playing on Friday nights. That's legit what it felt like that's what I'm taking away from it.”

“When it's your last ride with the guys, you do stuff and you’re like,

‘Wow that's the last time ever that I'm going to be able to do that,”’ wide receiver Chase Claypool said. “So then you really cherish it. Every little thing we did from going to Shake Shack, going to Universal, doing everything, Best Buy, it was really special because you know you're not going to get those moments back and when you're a senior and it's your last time you understand and you realize that and you cherish it.”

Chase Claypool actually posted his farewell to Notre Dame message on social media tonight saying he “hopes to be an example of someone who defied the odds and capitalized on an opportunity that kids like him could never dream to have.”

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