Irish running back Jafar Armstrong wants to continue working as a dual-threat

NOTRE DAME, Ind. (WNDU) - There are just 15 days until the Notre Dame Fighting Irish open their season against Louisville.

One player looking to make a major impact? Junior running back Jafar Armstrong.

Last season for the Irish, Armstrong rushed for nearly 400 yards and seven touchdowns including a pair against Michigan and Wake Forest

But he's not limited to just the ground game.

He's a converted running back having been a wide receiver throughout high school.

Armstrong had 159 receiving yards last season for the Irish and wants to continue working as a dual-threat.

Something head coach Brian Kelly likes to see.

“He's a physical presence,” Kelly said. “As he gets more confident in what he does, one time he bounced out a play where he's got to take three yards sometimes as a victory. He tends to want you know a big play every time. But his ability to pass protect and catch the football mirrors what Tony Jones can do.”

“You know me having the experience that I have as a receiver, I definitely try to use that whenever I can in the pass game because it's just an extra weapon,” Armstrong said. “They're going to be keen on Chase [Claypool]. They're going to be keen on Finke. They're going to be keen on our receivers because we have a lot of good receivers. So having that extra guy out there that can run routes and catch balls will be a huge asset for the team and hopefully I can do that.”