Irish legend Darrell "Flash" Gordon shares hilarious Lou Holtz story

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WNDU) - Now there might not be a Notre Dame football game this weekend but we still have a great story to share.

This past Sunday at the Pep Rally before Notre Dame's season opener against Louisville, our sports director Mark Skol Jr. caught up with Irish legend and the 1988 National Champ Darrell Flash Gordon.

He shared a hilarious story from back during his playing days about his old head coach Lou Holtz and Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler.

“The funniest story with Lou is it's got to be during double days,” Gordon said. “We'd have double days during spring practice when we would be the only ones on campus and it'd be 110 degrees and he'd come on the field. You're at a point where it's Friday and you maybe just went through five days. He comes on the field and before practice and he says 'I talked to Bo today and Bo says his guys are going to practice.' Being that we're playing Michigan for the opener he always wanted to get us a little edgy. He would always say ‘Bo is going to practice today’. One day we beat him to the punch and we said, ‘We talked to Bo and nobody is going to practice today. He decided to practice twice as hard as a result of that. You know Lou has always been a funny guy and he continues to be a great guy, a great coach and a great role for many of us.”

Notre Dame has the weekend off before New Mexico comes to town next Saturday for the home opener for the Fighting Irish.