Irish hold 'very purposeful' first postseason practice

SOUTH BEND, Ind. This past week was one of celebration for the Notre Dame football team. Several members of the Irish were in New York for the College Football Awards show on Thursday and yesterday was the Notre Dame Echoes Awards show...

But the week of celebration is over.

Today the team hit the practice field for the first time this postseason to start preparations for Clemson.

Coach Kelly says this first postseason practice is unlike any other he's had in awhile here at Notre Dame.

Traditionally, Kelly likes to give the younger players some reps in practice to get them accustomed to playing at the collegiate level.

But there was none of that today. Practice was all business and Kelly loves the team's mindset.

"[The players are] obviously excited with a great deal of energy," Kelly said. "That's energizing as a coach to go back out there with your team and watch them run around today with so much energy, and really being honest with you, very purposeful, very intentional. This does not feel like, in any way, any other practice in a postseason that I've been a part of. [The players are] very locked in and purposeful in terms of their work so as a coach that's as good as it gets."

Kelly will lead the Irish against Clemson in exactly three weeks from tonight in the Cotton Bowl.