Irish embrace 'next man in' mentality

NOTRE DAME, Ind. (WNDU) - Head coach Brian Kelly has promoted the ‘next man in’ mentality for the Golden Domers.

No matter what the circumstances are whether it be an injury or a change in formation, it's something the team is choosing to live by to make sure they are ready anytime...anywhere...for any situation.

“All of us are very capable of going in and playing a pretty prominent role in this defense,” defensive lineman Khalid Kareem said. “So, I mean, that just shows you know, how much y, we're willing to work. It doesn't matter what your role is, as long as you embrace that and know that you have to do that in order for us to be successful then we will be good.”

“Coach Kelly's been saying since the day we got here, next man in mentality,” quarterback Ian Book said. “We got a lot of guys here that come here, because they're good football players, good students, good people, they're ready to go. They know that they're going to prepare every day that they're going to be the starter when they get their shot and they're going to be ready.”