Irish defensive line believes they'll change the narrative in Cotton Bowl

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As Notre Dame prepares to take on Clemson in the Cotton Bowl, much of the talk has been about Clemson's defensive line and how dominant they have been - and rightly so. But the Irish D-line believes they should be getting some attention too.

Notre Dame's defensive line has consistently changed games this season.

Their biggest strength is their depth and versatility - any one of the starting front four has the ability to dominate a game, and all of them have at some point this season.

Despite that, all the talk has been about the defensive line on the other side. The Irish though say they're used to that, and believe that after the game, everyone will be singing a different tune.

"That's always the story when teams come to play Notre Dame," Irish senior defensive tackle Jerry TIllery said. "We played Michigan, it was Michigan's great defensive line, we played Syracuse, Syracuse had some great players, last year NC State's defensive line was going to come in here and steal the show, but the story is always different after the game. People are always talking about Notre Dame's defensive line, so we're looking to change the narrative in this game too."

Tillery and the Irish will get the chance to do just that when they take on Clemson in the Cotton Bowl on Saturday, Dec. 29th at 4pm.