Irish QB Ian Book working on leadership during spring ball

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Notre Dame football began spring football on Saturday.

All eyes are once again on quarterback Ian Book, who definitely has the No.1 job, but is trying to make improvements.

One area to do that in is leadership.

It's a little bit easier, I guess, to lead as the years go on, you get a little bit older and what not," Book said. "Still, it's something I push myself to do. Being vocal, especially for the young guys to know they have someone they can trust and lean on and ask whatever they need knowing that I'm just out there having fun, talking and really just enjoying it."

Brian Kelly has told Book to be a little less chill and a little more in directing the offense.

"He's not a particularly loud and vocal guy, but he's gonna stand up when he needs to say something," Kelly said. "He's done that a couple of times. He was asked to do that and it resonates quite well. So he is a different leader than he was last year. He was just a quarterback at Notre Dame last year. He's a leader in our program. That's a big difference."