Irish LB Te'von Coney's key to success is to go 'bonks'

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Irish Linebacker Te'Von Coney has had a tremendous season. He was voted by his teammates as Notre Dame's defensive player of the year after recording 30 more tackles than anyone else on the roster. But why has he been so successful?

Several of Coney's teammates have asked him the same question. They expect to get an answer of maybe a certain tackling technique or just to put in some extra hours in the weight room.

But that's not even close. The key for Coney to being the most successful linebacker is just to go what he calls "bonks" or "bonkers."

Coney likes to go "bonks" on the field because he says it gives him an edge and no one can stop him.

"It's a mindset like being dominant," Coney said. "Go out there and make every play you can make to help your team win. It's a mindset of being dominant that I'm going to make the play that comes to me and the other defender isn't going to get anything.

[I started the phrase] my junior year of high school I made that up that I want to be the best player and having that mindset that each and every game I'm going to go out there and go bonkers and make as many plays as I can. It's driven me to go work hard on the off season so I can have the ability to go do that and you know on game day I just go out there and have fun and make as many plays as I can."

Coney will have to wait just a bit to go "bonks" against the Tigers- 16 days to be exact - before Notre Dame takes on Clemson in the Cotton Bowl on Dec. 29.