'Hoosiers' actor gives advice to high school athletes

MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WNDU) - At the Mishawaka basketball game Tuesday night, as part of "Hoosier night at the Cave," a familiar face was in attendance.

Steve Hollar played Rade Butcher in the 1986 classic "Hoosiers," the one who threw a punch to impress his coach.

Hollar is a Warsaw grad who helped lead the team to the 1984 state championship title and now works there as a dentist.

Before the game, Hollar offered his advice to high school athletes.

"My keys were always simple," Hollar said. "They were fundamentals. So many times, we forget the fundamentals and they're forgotten. A ball and a basket and some practice in the backyard goes a long, long way, Many times, everybody wants to run up and down and just play games. Well, the fundamentals are pretty, pretty critical."