The Galloways developed special bond at Culver Academy

Published: Apr. 27, 2020 at 1:05 PM EDT
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Culver Academies head coach Mark Galloway and his son, Trey, have been a force to be reckoned with for four years now.

While their season came to a surprising end, the Galloways are just soaking it all in.

“We truly are a basketball family and it’s been fun,” Mark Galloway said.

For the Galloways, basketball is in their DNA.

“I’ve been a head coach for 18 years,” Mark Galloway said. “Trey is 18 years old so he’s only known me as a head coach. He’s been in the gym a long time. I can remember Trey coming in and not really playing with toys maybe like a lot of other kids would. He would just grab a basketball and start playing in the gym. “

Four years ago, Trey officially put on a Culver Academy jersey and never looked back.

“It’s been a great ride,” Trey Galloway said. “There’s been many ups and downs throughout the whole process. But that’s what part of it is. It’s been really good to have that experience with my teammates too just being able to everyone take it in.”

“It’s been fun but it’s been rewarding,” Mark Galloway said. “Hopefully, it’s been rewarding for him as well.”

Trey Galloway has become one of the best basketball players in Michiana earning himself a scholarship at Indiana next year.

“Trying to get better and trying to help my teammates get better and just enjoying the process of everything and just having fun with it,” Trey Galloway said.

With his dad as his coach, Galloway has become unstoppable and is now the all-time leading scorer at Culver.

“I’m probably his toughest critic,” Mark Galloway said. “I’m also able to give him praise at times. I don’t think I’ve ever considered him special. I just know that he loves the game. Therefore if you love it, you’re going to be in the gym working on it and that’s definitely what he’s done.”

Mark Galloway himself was quite the basketball player, leading Bethel to an NAIA championship in 1995 and is high on the charts in the Pilots record books.

So who is the better Galloway?

“Just watching his athleticism and watching what he can do with the basketball, I could never handle the basketball the way that he does,” Mark Galloway said. “Being able to dribble, pass and shoot, he’s so much better than I ever was.”

After 18 years on the court together, Trey says the biggest lesson he’s learned from his dad is.

“Respecting the game that’s one thing that he’s always told me is just respecting the game,” Trey Galloway said.

Soon, Trey will be 175 miles away from home learning under Archie Miller.

But he knows his number one coach will still be cheering him on.

“Obviously I’ll miss him,” Trey Galloway said. “We butt heads a lot but he’s always there for me. He’ll always pick me up and stuff. I think it will be mixed emotions for sure.”

Trey Galloway will leave Culver Academies with a state title under his belt and his place in the record books but his dad says.

“I still think their best basketball is ahead of him,” Mark Galloway said.

Now for the question, will Trey be following in his father’s footsteps and become a coach himself?

Trey says some days he says absolutely not, while Mark says he absolutely could be a coach.