Chris Finke created a 'doubters list' to fuel his fire

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - For the third time in five seasons, a walk-on has been named a team captain for the Notre Dame football teamm, as Fighting Irish wide receiver Chris FInke was voted to be one of the team's seven leaders in 2019.

Finke has taken the road less traveled at Notre Dame, working his way up from a walk-on to a scholarship athlete and now as one of the team's captains.

The fuel to Finke's fire along the way has been his "doubters list."

In his phone, Finke keeps a list of all the people who ever doubted his abilities on the football field.

He's obviously proved the doubters wrong, racking up 65 receptions, 795 receiving yards and four touchdowns in his career, and it's all thanks to one distant relative at a family reunion who started the doubters list.

"I had a relative at a family reunion who heard I was going to play football at Notre Dame," Finke said. "She told me I was 'too small' and I would get my 'butt kicked.' That kind of stings, and you make a mental note of it. More and more people started saying things I would notice, so I put it in my phone. It kept me playing angry for a little bit. Nowadays, I play more to prove people right. The people who have supported me along the way - mom, dad, coaches and friends. It used to fuel me a little more to think about the people who think I can't do it. But nowadays, I think I play more to prove people right."

Finke says he has not seen this relative since the day he started his doubter's list.