Elkhart Central wants to use Mangy win to grow

ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) - The Elkhart Central Blazers are still on a high after securing the final Mangy.

The Blazers defeated Elkhart Memorial 41-21 in the two's final game before the school's merge.

Senior running back Mark Brownlee led the team with four rushing touchdowns and 200 yards

Even with the excitement of Friday’s game, the team wants to use the victory as a kick start to their 2019 season.

“We have a huge challenge in front of us now and that's that the season is not over,” Elkhart Central head coach Josh Shattuck said. “I know that that sounds crazy but when you look around it's hard. The challenge is going to be waking up tomorrow, watching the film. I did not like how we finished the game. I know that those are some backups and some subs and some things like that. Listen, we heard a lot all week about how many guys they had back and they do. They have a good team. We like what we have back too. We want to strive for perfection and we have a ton of room to grow.

“Do little things the best,” Brownlee said. “Whatever just whatever coach says goes, little things like pick up, love each other, all things like that.”

Elkhart Central heads on the road next week to take on Goshen.

Meanwhile Elkhart Memorial takes on Concord.