Concord Minutemen focused on teamwork for 2019 season

ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) - The Concord Minutemen are entering their fifth season under Craig Koehler.

Last year the team finished 6-6 with a sectional win.

But heading into the 2019 season, the Minutemen are focused on one thing: teamwork.
"Be conscientious about playing for each other," Koehler said. "Not worrying about the little things, the statistical things and just trying to keep focused on the big picture."

"It's just all about the team right now," Minutemen senior quarterback Ethan Cain said. "So last year, we weren't quite where we wanted to be but this year we're gelling a lot better than what we did last year. Probably just as good as we did two years ago when we were really really good. So just [working on] being a team and improving on that."

"What wins you championships is knowing that the guy next to you, you can always rely on him," Minutemen senior running back Carter Neveraski said. "Honestly with the addition of Coach Murphy here really teaching us about team, this summer has been a lot different since I've been here. We've really been a team. We're fighting for the guy next to us."

Concord's season gets underway Aug. 23 at St. Joseph.