Cole Roederer embraces 'Rough to Tough' mentality

Published: Sep. 12, 2019 at 5:14 PM EDT
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South Bend Cubs outfielder Cole Roederer is all about his routine.

"I try to get myself locked in before every at bat," Roederer said. "I'll step out, on the bat there is a serial number, I always stare at that, hit it with my hand, say one of my little one liners, get back in box and I'm ready to go."

That routine started for Roederer back in his freshman year of high school and, now, has him as the sixth ranked prospect in the Chicago Cubs farm system. A year ago, Roederer was playing high school baseball in California. Now, he's living his dream as he works his way up to the big leagues.

"It's a feeling like no other," Roederer said. "I truly feel like the luckiest man in the world. Come out here every day and play a game I used to play as a four year old for a living and get any money so I don't have any regrets and I truly enjoy this life."

Cole says he owes a lot of his success in the game to his father, Glenn.

"Having his background, he would be like, 'Hey son, it's rough to be tough," Cole said. "You need to get back out there and be healthy. You can't stop. Regardless of what happens, you need to keep going."

Glenn really ingrained that "rough to tough" mentality in Cole's mind. So much so, that Cole decided to get that saying tattooed on his left arm.

"I think just having this on my arm and just looking at it while I'm at the plate, whether I'm going 0/3 or 0/4, I have a couple of strike outs," Roederer said. "I'm like it's time to get back to work and show what I can do."


Roederer led South Bend with 60 RBIs during the regular season but was disappointed with his .224 batting average. He says that up and down roller coaster of emotions is just the game of baseball.

"This game is so mental," Roederer said. "You're going to fail seven times out of ten. The other three you are going to be amazing. Dealing with that mental aspect and the constant reminder that you went 0/3 with three strikeouts and everyone watched you. Everyone watched you constantly fail. This is your job. You are going to have to deal with that."

Roederer's dealt with that with the "rough to tough" mentality, and knows that constant reminder will always push him to be the best ball player he can be.

"I think I had some ups and downs," Roederer said. "I've had some really highs and some really lows. I think I really busted my butt off in the offseason and think I did really well."

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