Clay Campbell cherished every moment at Jimtown High School

Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 3:00 PM EDT
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Senior Clay Campbell says he shined on the football field because of the tremendous support of the Jimtown faithful.

"I love all of the community," Campbell said. "It’s just been really great supporting not just me but everyone else in our entire school. It’s been awesome. I love Jimtown."

Campbell grew up around the Jimtown football program ever since he was in first grade. As soon as he got a chance to play for the Jimmies, he tried to soak as much in as he could.

"I would say the biggest lesson I learned in football was patience," Campbell said. "I did start as a sophomore but I wasn’t great. I guess I just had to keep working and being patient until everything finally clicked. Everything just worked out."

Everything always worked out for the Jimmies with Campbell leading the troops.

"I just try to be the best leader that I can be on the football field," Campbell said. "Playing on offense as the quarterback, which is the leader of the field on offense; then on defense I was the safety, which is like the quarterback of the defense so my goal is just to make sure my teammates were always in the right spot so we could be as successful as we can."

Campbell’s success at Jimtown was rewarded. He committed to play football at Marian University back in January and is fired up for this opportunity.

"It was a great opportunity in Marian where it was a great school, got some money from scholarship and I got to keep playing football," Campbell said. "It just worked out perfectly."

Just like his time at Jimtown, Campbell hopes to make the most of every moment at Marian.

"I would just love to get a great college degree, play as much football as I can and just enjoy it while it lasts because it’s the last time I will ever get to play football so I’ve got to enjoy it while I can," Campbell said.

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