Carol Haldeman helped lead Fairfield cross country to new heights

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 3:58 PM EDT
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Fairfield senior Carol Haldeman loves running.

"I just love the satisfaction," Haldeman said. "Just being able to say I did this. Just the satisfaction of saying I did it."

Haldeman doesn’t just love running, she’s really good at it too. She runs a 5-minute and 29-second mile, was a state qualifier in track her junior year and, this year, she helped lead the Falcons cross country team to its first semi-state appearance in over 20 years.

"I am super proud of not just me but my whole team," Haldeman said. "We did so good. We just connected really well and I think that was the main reason we did so well."

Haldeman says that connection in cross country came from the tremendous support of the Fairfield community.

"They were really dedicated to their sports and lifted us up as athletes," Haldeman said. "They actually cared for us. It has really helped me see that there are good people in this world that support you no matter what."

Haldeman says that support has her pushing towards the next level.

"It just gives me confidence to keep going," Haldeman said. "I’ve been super nervous about going to college but having all of those adults support me through high school makes me feel confident that I’m ready for college."

Haldeman will attend Trine University. She received an academic scholarship for maintaining a 3.99 GPA in high school, but she will also continue to run for the Thunder.

"I’m actually really excited, a little nervous because it’s going to be a lot different than high school," Haldeman said. "I’m excited but it’s definitely going to be a challenge."

But after her time at Fairfield, Haldeman says that challenge is nothing she can’t handle.

"I’ve worked super hard my four years," Haldeman said. "There are times I wanted to give up, during practice, studying for big tests but I wouldn’t be where I was if I gave up. Just keep pushing through and learning to stay focused on your goal in the end."