Adams High School hopes to surprise Michiana in 2019

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - The Adams Eagles are entering Year 4 under Antwon Jones' leadership, and Jones will have the help from Virginia-bound Division 1 quarterback Ira Armstead.

"I'm expecting us to be way better than last year," Armstead said. "The leadership is definitely there this year. We're kind of young, but the young guys are stepping up and making plays. I think we'll be fine."

Adams is coming off of back-to-back 3-7 finishes, but the Eagles feel confident they will be able to turn things around.

"We can do a lot of things," Adams senior lineman Chase Trzaskowski said. "We can go far. If we put our mind to it and everybody does their job, we can get it done."

"We can be great as long as we put our mind to it and we believe in God," Adams senior lineman Chas Black said. "He can help us achieve anything."

Adams believes they are going to shock the local football scene in 2019.

"It's a good group," Jones said. "They work well together. Negativity is nonexistent right now and we want to keep it that way. The kids have been working their butts off all offseason. I think we're going to surprise a lot of people this year."

The Eagles open up their season at School Field on Aug. 23 against Northridge.