Ryan Newman appears in first TV interview following horrific crash

Ryan Newman appeared on TODAY for his first TV interview following a terrifying crash.
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South Bend native and NASCAR driver Ryan Newman appeared on 'The Today Show' on Wednesday where he talked about the crash and his recovery.

He is continuing his road to recovery after suffering from a head injury after a terrifying crash in the Daytona 500.

"This is my ‘I should’ve won interview,' right? It’s emotional no doubt and I think about the fact that I was that close but really in the end, I’m really humbled by the opportunity, the experience to continue my life. Be blessed by so many people's prayers to be sitting here and hopefully make something of it and enjoy life with my daughters," Newman says.

"It's not just me. There is a whole group at NASCAR that did a great job. From the track and the safety personnel, the drivers inside the cars, the cockpits, the containment seats we have. There are so many level of things that happened in the last 20 years that I have been a part that help me to be sitting here today."

It's unclear when Newman will return to racing, but he plans on being back behind the wheel.