Your guide to holiday gift returns

The holiday season is coming to an end, but the start of Christmas returns begins.

Many people are taking advantage of extended holiday return policies. Returns can include money-back guarantees, exchanges or store credits depending on the store.

With it being the holidays, customers still have time to decide whether they want their gifts or not. One thing for sure is customers must provide a receipt when returning any item purchased within each store’s holiday return policy.

Along with Christmas comes a whole lot of gift cards. Shoppers are heading to the registers to redeem their gift cards. Many are in hopes of receiving more bang for their buck with post-Christmas deals.

For anyone who owns a gift card or an item that needs to be exchanged, some shoppers are advising to go now before all the deals are gone later.

“We're just out here checking out some after-Christmas deals,” Best Buy shopper Brandon Gates said.

Gates also joked about the holidays getting the best of his bank account.

“Man, I’m broke now. I don’t have anything left. I’m really out panhandling,” he said.

If you find out how long your item is eligible for return by checking with the store in person, online or by reading the bottom of your receipt.