YMCA holds Les Mills launch party to promote group fitness

If you're starting to slack on your New Year's resolution to get fit, the YMCA if Michiana wants to help motivate you.

Saturday morning, they held a Les Mills launch party called 'Raise the Bar.

It was free for members and five dollars for non members.

They did workouts like body pump, body attack, and c-x works.. Which focuses on core strength.

Folks at the 'Y' say these kinds of workouts are fun and accompanied by high energy music.

They are group workouts, which they say helps you get motivated.

"With the group aspect, you get the relationships with people, some motivation. Maybe when you're working out alone, you might not push yourself as hard or go as long and you just have that encouragement from everybody else that's around you," said Healthy Living coordinator Tracy Meuschke.

Anyone interested in becoming a member at the YMCA of Michiana saves $75 for joining in January.