Work continues to repair South Bend's flood-damaged areas

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - South Bend is still dealing with damage left behind by past floodwaters.

Work is winding down on a section of the East Bank Recreational Trail, south of Lasalle Avenue, where a large sinkhole formed and provided a peek at a piece of the city's history.

"[There] was some sort of structure down there about 20 feet deep and left over from [when] there used to be a woolen mill where [Tuesley Hall Konopa law offices'] site is back in the 1880s," the South Bend Community Investment Department's Dave Relos said. "It looked like there was a pipe heading out of it to the south. There was a channel or a tunnel, if you will, heading east toward Tuesley and Hall's parking lot."

The pipes have since been filled with a concrete-like material. The trail should reopen soon.